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Agriculture Insights

Farmers' access and use of mobile wireless technology have increased rapidly over the last few years. The benefits of the adoption and use of next-generation Push-to-talk Over Cellular (PoC) wireless technology in agricultural production are substantial.

Construction Insights

With material costs increasing, profit margins decreasing and the battle for bids at an all-time high, construction contractors are looking for innovative ways to compete. Coordinate your construction crews instantly like never before with WAVE PTX™ push-to-talk.

Education Insights

WAVE PTX™ offers instant, reliable Push-to-talk Over Cellular (PoC) communication solutions that excel at helping keep your students and staff safer, tracking bus fleets accurately and improving overall efficiency – with flexible options you can afford.

Event Services Insights
Event Services

It’s nearly impossible to pull off a safe, successful special event without a fast and reliable wireless communication system. And when it comes to speed, nothing is faster than push-to-talk. WAVE PTX™ provides the instant group communications needed for high-performing event service teams.

Field Service Company Insights
Field Service Companies

Push-to-talk Over Cellular (PoC) communication solutions allow field workers to notify dispatch of issues in the field so they can provide excellent service to meet increased customer expectations.



Hospitality Insights

Today, virtually everyone – from the smallest hotel to the largest resort – can benefit from push-to-talk (PTT) across their entire operation, for PTT brings the immediacy and spontaneity to connect personnel. WAVE PTX™ allows staff to use their current devices to connect with radio systems and other broadband networks and devices.

Manufacturing Insights

When production goes down, every second counts. WAVE PTX’s unified PTT allows line workers to instantly talk with supervisors whether they’re short on raw materials or simply have a question on procedure. The result is quicker communications and a more efficient workforce.

Private Security Insights
Private Security

Critical situations don’t occur on your schedule. There’s no guarantee that you, your key personnel or the necessary contacts in the management chain will be on site – or even in the same state – when a situation escalates. Keep clients and employees safer by being constantly connected and instantly available with WAVE PTX™.

Towing Company Insights
Towing Companies

WAVE PTX™ can improve on-time delivery, efficiency and safety for towing companies today. Managers in the office can seamlessly communicate with drivers and with dispatch via the WAVE PTX™ application from their smartphones. No matter the network, device or location, everyone can be connected.

Transportation Insights

In today’s mobile world, your trucking business requires instant communication that goes wherever your fleet may travel. WAVE PTX™ connects your team at the push of a button no matter which device or network they have.

Waste Management Insights
Waste Management

Your workers can reach new levels of safety and efficiency with WAVE PTX™ Push-to-talk Over Cellular (PoC) communication solutions designed for waste management operations.